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Over 20 years of music ministry Jo Boyce, Mike Stanley and the CJM MUSIC Collective of talented musicians and song-writers have published more than 200 pieces of contemporary liturgical music. Many of these songs and settings are firm favourites in schools and parishes across the UK and beyond.

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Here is a growing list (in alphabetical order) of the most popular:
Click on the song title to access lyrics, resource list, audio samples and other information for each song.

21 thoughts on “Songs Index

    1. Hi Laura… we just haven’t had time to update that page yet. The song if available on iTunes and in the Rejoice ‘n’ Sing Digital Songbook and Audio Collection. there’ll be PDF sheet music available soon too. God bless.

      1. I would like a copy of the sheet music too. Please could you let us know when it will be available?

    1. Hello Katrina. The sheet music PDF download for Hail Mary includes the SATB harmony for verse 2, as per the recording. The versions in the ‘Rejoice ‘n’ Sing Digital Song Book on CD-Rom’ and the current ‘Promise Resource Pack’ are simpler, hymnbook style piano reductions. Hope that helps. God bless

  1. Morning, Just wondered about a little song I once heard and believe it was from CJM…’Let me hear an Amen (Amen), Just a little Amen (Amen)’….not sure about the next lyric. Please could you advise if it is part of your collection. Many thanks.

  2. Hello

    I am looking for a PDF of the song ‘The Lord is King, most high above all the earth’ (Ps 96) but when I click on it in the Responsorial Songs index it brings up a different song from Psalm 66. Will this song be available to download please?

    Thanks very much.
    David Hitchcox

    1. Sorry about that, David! We have fixed the link. Now, it will be ready for next year. God bless you and thanks for notifying us of the error.

    1. Hello, Charlene! I believe the song you are looking for is called Blessed Are You, which you can find in the list above. It is available as a part of our Rejoice ‘n’ Sing Collection. You can find the virtual songbook in the Liturgy Box on Volume 2 or the Digital Songbook in our shop.

  3. Hi – Please can you direct me to songs (2-3 mins max) that could be used within Collective Worship for reflection. The themes are Christ the King and the 1st Sunday of Advent. Any ideas are greatly received. Thank you

  4. Many churches are live streaming, and using ppt presentations, will copyright laws be broken if your Psalms are used.

    1. Hi Susan, our songs and psalms will be covered by the usual ‘streaming licenses’ that Churches hopefully have to cover this use. You can find out more about that here: and here: We are certainly happy for churches to use our psalm settings in their liturgies, which is why we have made them freely available. We do not own the rights to the Grail translation of the psalm text, however, so having a license and reporting the use is fairest option all round. Hope that helps.

  5. Good day! I would like to ask if you also another compositions beside from Psalms e.g Glory to God, offertory, communion song, entrance song and etc. Thank you!

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