Pray for A Miracle [Song]

A soulful, contemporary song of intercession for the needs of the world. A reminder that our action for justice and peace needs to be enfolded in prayer.

pray for a miracle cjm music


I prayed for peace, I prayed a million times over.
I prayed for the release of the many people who suffer.
I prayed for love between sister and brother
I prayed for a miracle

I prayed for hope, I prayed we’d all keep on trying
I prayed for time to save our world from dying
and I prayed for peace. I prayed a million times over
I prayed for a miracle.

Lord, in your mercy will you listen to my prayer
Lord, in your mercy lend this sinful child an ear
Where two or three are gathered you said that you’d be there
so we pray for a miracle

I prayed for the day we’d all have justice and freedom
and I prayed that one day
people in power would rule with wisdom
I prayed for the child with no one to protect them
I prayed for a miracle (chorus)

Middle eight:
The game of life is not so funny now
When will we find an answer, when will we find a way
‘Cause all we do is build a house on sand
if we don’t take time (take time)..
Take time (take time)… Take time to pray

Pray for a miracle! (4)

Words and Music by Jo Boyce
Copyright © 1998 CJM Music
CCLI No. 2247904



What’s your story? Has this song has been part of your soundtrack of faith, or have you encountered it in a liturgy or at an event recently? Please leave a comment below…

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