Jo Boyce & Friends in Concert

From parish hall, to civic hall, we always aim for our concerts to be prayerful, uplifting and fun all at the same and suitable for all ages. Just what the church needs in this age of evangelisation.

A concert is a perfectly non-threatening way to reach out to community and invite them to explore, celebrate and deepen their faith.

We saw the concert in Leeds in May, and were privileged to be at the event last night. The Friends and yourself have a wonderful God-given talent to radiate, through your music, the conviction and joy of a deep faith. That gift takes your audience along with you, and  once again, we left feeling fulfilled, happy and ‘alive’ to it all.

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A Concert Review…

If you missed Boyce & Stanley in concert last [weekend] then you missed a great occasion and a wonderful experience. The postures and facial expressions of those present showed how successful Jo and Mike were in involving their audience – it wasn’t just a ‘concert’ it was a community event.

Jo Boyce’s voice spoke for itself – beautiful, full of meaning and expression. I already knew that Mike had written a few songs (100s he says, although only one got into our “Laudate” hymnbook), and that he sang and strummed the guitar a bit, but I hadn’t realised just how wide his musical talent went – a very competent flautist and more – and also a bit of a comedian – he got quite a few spontaneous and genuine laughs during the course of the evening.

So our grateful thanks to both of them for a fascinating, enjoyable and ‘spiritual’ (not ‘pious’, but uplifting and inspiring) evening. And thanks too to their band: Emily on percussion, who also gave us a delightful solo song, Aidan on keyboard and Michael on bass guitar. And of course the technical support of Dan and David as lighting and sound engineers. And not forgetting Sarah who did the ‘commercial break’ side of things, looking after the provision of CDs, DVDs etc.

And of course our own parishioners who worked hard to make the night a success: the youngsters who acted as ‘Backing Group’, the food providers and helpers, and those who offered overnight accommodation. Without all of them it wouldn’t have been the undoubted success that it was.

[Fr John Formby]