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A while ago our team decided to do away with the paper music chase. If you’re involved in music ministry you’ll know that you can soon get lost in a mountain of photocopies, ring binders, books. It became necessary for us, because no longer having a central office base meant nowhere to keep all those shelves of resources. We were so very grateful to discover the wonders of Power Music.

Now we keep all our music digitally, instantly accessible from almost anywhere with internet access. Power Music lets you manage your sheet music, chord sheets, song words and even audio files in one easy to use program.

Power Music - A Complete Digital Music Management System


If you are interested in cjmmusic’s offers on PowerMusic, please email us.

Display music on screen! No more paper!

Create set lists, import from PDF, scan, turn pages with a foot pedal and much, much more.

The latest version of the desktop software Power Music 5 has amazing new features – annotate your music and your chord sheets. Transpose chord sheets with one click while displaying music full screen. Import from new file format – PMzip.

What is Power Music Box?

Power Music Box is a revolutionary cloud-based music storage and management system. Allows secure and seamless transfer of sheet music, chord sheets, playlists, tags and index information between PCs running Power Music 4 and iOS devices running the Power Music app.

A completely NEW concept in music management

From within Power Music, log in to My Box, and with the click of a mouse button, send music or playlists to My Box – complete with annotations, indexing, categories, authors, copyright info, tempo and melody information. Then with another click of the mouse or tap of the screen, download from My Box to a PC, laptop, Windows tablet, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Power Music Box is the missing link in music management.

Power Music Box is also used to manage music purchased from the Power Music Store. Purchased songs are instantly available in your Power Music Box (My Box) to download to Power Music on your PC or to the Power Music app on your iOS device. Every Power Music Box users gets FREE cloud storage space (My Box) to store all your purchased songs. In addition you can store and transfer of your own sheet music, chord sheets, tags and index information in My Box between PCs running Power Music and Apple iOS devices running the Power Music app. (You must adhere to the relevant copyright rules for any music you share between devices.)


iPad App

The Power Music iPad/iPhone app gives musicians portable performance tools. Integrating with Power Music Box and the powerful PC application, Power Music 4, you can download all your own songs with one click.

  • Find songs quickly by Title, Category or Author
  • Display Chords or Music score
  • Set up playlists for performance
  • Transpose chord sheets.
  • Link to audio from your Music library


5 thoughts on “Power Music ~ Digital Music Management Software

  1. This sounds great, but no good to me unless there is an Android version of the app. Any idea if there are any plans for one to be developed?

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just taken over as Head of Music in a Catholic secondary school and have downloaded the free Power Music iPad app…
    Please could you help me to view some of your music and help me to get started. Many thanks, Leon

  3. Power music also works on Windows. I have a laptop with a foldover screen and I am hoping to use this to good effect in Church but also to replace Songbook which I use for chordsheets in my other life as a folk musician

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