Every Secret Longing (CD)


Solo piano meditations inspired by the songs of Boyce & Stanley.


This instrumental album of piano meditations features some of the well-known and much-loved songs of Joanne Boyce & Mike Stanley. Some of these pieces will be instantly recognisable as the songs that inspired them while others develop the original themes much further.

Performed and arranged by Andrew Ross & Aidan Pepper, each track – each meditation – is a beautiful “sacred space” Perfect for reflection, reconciliation services, meditation and relaxation (even dinner parties!!) These beautiful interpretations catch the ear as familiar songs delievered with a contemplative melancholy.

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The track titles are inspired by lyrics from the songs on which they are based:

  1. The Lord Is with Thee (Hail Mary)
  2. Love’s Mystery (Bread of Life)
  3. By Graces Gifted (Come Let Us Go)
  4. It Is Over Now (Last Lullaby)
  5. Forever, He Will Be (Magnicat)
  6. My Foolish Heart (Mistakes)
  7. Every Secret Longing (The Book That’s Reading Me)
  8. With Humble Offering (Now This Offering)
  9. Son of the Living God (Who Do You Say I Am)
  10. I Have No Hands But Yours (You Are My Hands)

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