Mistakes [Song]

mistakes cjm music


I let my mind go walking down some distant road.
My foolish heart thought it could run away.
But lately I have glimpsed a mighty hand that holds
a million lives within its palm each day.

A shepherd will allow his sheep to look for grass,
But some will leave, they willfully will stray.
The shepherd knows that this will surely come to pass,
though he loves the ones who go and those who stay.

O we mistake the moment that we seize.
Mistake piled on mistake by doing what we please.
But there’s no mistaking love we find on bended knees.
Mistakes, there’s someone who can turn them to opportunities.

My heart was hard, My mind was slow, my life was fast.
My treasure lay in broken pots of clay.
But now I find the bad decisions of my past
God’s using in an unexpected way.

I meet folk on the road on which I used to be,
My own mistakes help guide the words I say,
For my redeemer, and my friend, is holding me,
and he’s reaching out to hold you too, today.

Words & Music by Mike Stanley & Tony Cummings
Copyright © 1995 CJM MUSIC 

CCLI & OneLicense No. 2474643


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