Who Do You Say I Am? [Song]

who do you say i am cjm music


Some say the prophet Elijah
is walking among us again
Some say the spirit of Jeremiah is here
Some say the voice of the Baptist
still calls to believe and repent
Most people don’t understand,
some just don’t care

Who do you say I am? Who do you say I am?
Who do you say I am?
Miracle worker, Prophet, Messiah or King?
Son of the Father, chosen from the beginning

The one who walks on the water,
turns water to wine
And has the power to calm
the waves and the wind
A man of humble beginnings,
only a carpenter’s son
Healing the lame,
forgiving their sins

I say you are the Bread of Life
Word made flesh,
Prince of Peace, Living Lord
Son of God, Holy One
Je-sus Christ, Emmanuel

I say you are the way, the truth,
Cho-sen One, Lamb of God, Sacrifice
Living Word, Lord of All
Ri-sen Christ, Light of the World

Son of the Living God

Words & Music by Jo Boyce and Mike Stanley
Copyright © 1996 CJM MUSIC
CCLI & OneLicense No. 2248154

Liturgical Use(s): Song; Various Uses

There is also a beautiful instrumental version of this song on the album Every Secret Longing.



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