How Can We Keep From Singing? Vol. 4 (CD)


The fourth in this series offers a careful selection of tried and tested songs to expand the school and parish repertoire.


How Can We Keep From Singing? Volume 4 brings together a careful selection of more than a dozen songs that have been used regularly in the music ministry of Jo Boyce and the CJM MUSIC Collective.

As with the previous offering in this series, this fourth collection of songs is recorded simply – without the extra extravagance of a full-production studio album arrangements. The aim is for it to be a valuable reference point for parishes and schools looking to expand their liturgical music repertoire.

The song selection includes works by composers such as Marty Haugen, Keith Getty & Stuart Townend, Steve Croskey, Christ Tomlin and several other contemporary song-writers and liturgical composers.

Blessed One
Your Presence is Heaven
Holy Overshadowing
I Give Myself Away
Holy Spirit Living Breath
Behold the Lamb
In the Breaking of the Bread
Calypso Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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