First Light [Song]

First Light is an advent song that gives us hope for the future.

first light cjm music

First light dawning on a new horizon
bringing the future to view,
I see hope in the eyes of a new generation,
do you see it too?
Can we believe in a brighter tomorrow,
when redemption seems light years away?
2000 years on this road into freedom
trying to find a way

The children of hope (we are the children)
Are leading the way (we are the future)
A beacon burning bright, to illuminate the night,
First light of the dawning of the age to come.

Shadows lengthen as the evening closes,
the past slowly fading away 2000 years on this road into freedom,
to the glory day
We can believe in a brighter tomorrow,
the future is clearly in view;
And there’s love in the hearts of a new generation.
Can you feel it too?

Words & Music by Joanne Boyce, Mike Stanley & Chris Rolinson
Copyright © 1999 CJM Music Ltd
CCLI & OneLicense No. 3030866

Liturgical Use(s): Advent



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