October 30, 2019

Come Emmanuel [Song]

Come Emmanuel is a simple, rhythmic Advent song that can be used for many things during the season, but is especially suitable for a processional song.… Read More →
November 22, 2013

Dear Elizabeth [Song]

This beautiful story-song was written by the late Mike Stanley and his wife, Yvonne, while they were expecting their first son. This Advent song imagines… Read More →
August 17, 2013

First Light [Song]

First Light is an advent song that gives us hope for the future. LYRICS First light dawning on a new horizon bringing the future to… Read More →
May 9, 2013

Hail Mary [Song]

The ‘song of the Annunciation’. {c.f. Luke 1:28} – Hail Mary, is a familiar prayer in our Catholic tradition. This setting is from the Boyce… Read More →
October 18, 2012

Awake Awake [Song]

Awake, Awake is a gathering Advent song. LYRICS Awake, Awake, for the Lord is coming; Awake Awake, there’s no time to sleep; Awake, Awake, for… Read More →
August 18, 2012

I Am the Voice [Song]

An advent song which echoes the words of John the Baptist. LYRICS I am the voice crying out from the wilderness Prepare the way for… Read More →
February 14, 2012

Come to Us [Song]

Come to Us song can be used as a gathering Advent song. LYRICS Cantor: Come to us Living Lord Teach us how to love you… Read More →