Come Emmanuel – A Simple Song for Advent [Free Download]

Come Emmanuel is a simple, rhythmic Advent song that can be used for many things during the season, but is especially suitable for a processional song.

Easy to learn and easy to sing, this simple piece might be the perfect addition to your advent liturgies this year. You can repeat “Emmanuel” for each verse or you may substitute “Prince of peace”, “Jesus”, or “Redeemer” for the following verses as in the recording.

When using it for a procession, you can make the song as long or as short as you need and the congregation is sure to have an easy time jumping in.

Click here to download audio file [MP3]

LISTEN: Come Emmanuel Song

PDFClick here to download FREE melody and chords  [PDF]

We hope this song will be useful for you as you plan your Advent liturgies.

We’d love to know what other music you have been using for Advent, or how you have plan to make use of this download.  Please leave a comment below…

2 thoughts on “Come Emmanuel – A Simple Song for Advent [Free Download]

  1. Hello dear Jo, I sing the psalm every three weeks at mass, and I love to sing Boyce and Stanley psalms, instead of the usual plain chant psalms. So far this Advent I have sung your psalm for the second week of Advent and will sing the psalm again on the fourth week of Advent. We have sung your beautiful Christmas psalm for many years. Our congregation love your psalms. May God continue to bless you in your ministry. Love from Maris.

    1. So good to know our psalm settings are serving your congregation well. Bless you, Maris and thank you for taking the time to comment here.

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