007 Heart Speaks Unto Heart ~ Celebrating the life and witness of Cardinal John Henry Newman

In this special episode Jo Boyce revisits the service that was broadcast live on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship, on the morning of the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

On Sunday 13th October, Blessed John Henry Newman will be canonised and become the first recognised English saint in close to 300 years. So it’s a perfect time to revisit the unforgettable day of his beatification in 2010.

Listen now:

Episode Highlights:

The service is structured around four key themes: The Word, the Eucharist, Mary and Vocation.  Presented by Bernadette Kearney, it features reflections and the prayers inspired by some of the writings of Cardinal John Henry Newman himself.

Jo also shares some memories of her experience with CJM MUSIC at Cofton Park (in Birmigham, England) from the day of the Papal Mass and beatification.

Songs featured:

Information Regarding the Canonisation

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