I Am the Voice [Song]

An advent song which echoes the words of John the Baptist.

i am the voice cjm music 1


I am the voice
crying out from the wilderness
Prepare the way for the Lord
Open your hearts
and know his forgiveness
Repent and believe in his Word

Why do you ask
‘who is the one who sent me’
Why do you ask if I am the Christ
For a greater one will come
to be the redeemer
Only He can be the saving light

Then I saw the spirit
come down from the heavens
Descending in the form of a dove
And the dove descended low
Beside the flowing waters
To rest upon the head of God’s own Son

Even today
we can meet God in our hearts
Even today we see the dove
Don’t be deceived for if we believe
We receive the Father through the Son

Words & Music by Mike Stanley
Copyright © 1988 CJM MUSIC
CCLI & OneLicense No. 2247997

Liturgical Use(s): Advent



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