Dear Elizabeth [Song]

This beautiful story-song was written by the late Mike Stanley and his wife, Yvonne, while they were expecting their first son. This Advent song imagines the correspondence between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth as Mary shares the experience of being pregnant with Jesus amidst the confusion of her husband, Joseph.

dear elizabeth cjm music


Dear Elizabeth,
It was good to hear your news,
Things here are strained, as you can imagine.
And Joe, well you know!
He doesn’t seem to smile anymore.
Doors, slam, people can
Misinterpret Heaven’s plan,
But it hurts to see, how confused he seems.

Dear Elizabeth,
The time it seems to fly.
People just seem to stare, as you can imagine.
And Joe, well you know!
He doesn’t seem to talk anymore
Eyes blaze, Joseph says,
There’s only so much he can take
And it occurs to me, he just can’t see
God’s will be done, God’s will be done.

Dear Elizabeth,
We leave for Bethlehem.
The journey will be long, as you can imagine.
And Joe, well you know!
He doesn’t seem so scared anymore.
We’ve made plans, joining hands,
Through the Spirit we understand
That this special birth, will bring peace on earth.

And starlight met the mother’s pain,
And heaven’s angels wept in praise,
As God’s will was done, God’s will was done.

Dear Elizabeth,
Our Son was born this night,
Mary is tired, as you can imagine.
And me, I can’t find the words to tell you how I feel!
All who come bring him things,
Some say he will be a King
And it occurs to me that he just might be …

So sleep my Son, until its time to wake
Angels watch, watch for heaven’s sake
(Thy will be done, God’s will be done)

Words & Music by Mike Stanley & Yvonne Duffy
Copyright © CJM Music
CCLI & OneLicense No. 5344055

Liturgical Use(s): Advent



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