Lead Kindly Light (Stanley) [Song]

This reworking of the hymn text ‘Lead Kindly Light’ was originally written to commemorate the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman and the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK in 2010.

Lead kindly light stanley cjm music


Gently off’ring myself to you, giving myself in prayer.
Taking away all the fear and the doubt
Knowing that you are there.
Pushing away in a corner of shame, the things that I know are wrong.
Gently off’ring myself to you, speaking to you in song.

Lead kindly light, lead thou me on.
for only you know where I’m going.
Dark is the night without you by my side.
In you my soul finds rest.

Gently off’ring myself to you, looking again for peace.
Leaning on you for the strength that I need,
begging my soul’s release.
Seeking new hope in a world of despair, but knowing that you still care;
Gently off’ring myself to you, giving myself in prayer

Words & Music by Mike Stanley & Doug Parker
Copyright © 1995 CJM Music Ltd
CCLI No. 2248082

Liturgical Use(s): Song; Various Uses



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