Song to the Trinity [Song]

Written by Mike Stanley in 1990, this song explores how the relationship of love that lies at the heart of the Catholic worship is available to each of us. The traditional tune Buachaill ón Eirne (the Boy from Loch Erne) originates from county Fermanagh in the North of Ireland.

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Father, I know that your love for me knows no bounds.
When darkness has fallen
your voice from the heavens resounds.
Saying “Trust and believe, come and walk on my road to its end”.
Then take me home Father, Spirit and Son,
my master and friend

Spirit, I know that your truth is spoken each day.
But power and greed change the creed, leaving truth to decay.
So let the heavens resound with hosannas to you, Holy One,
For in you Father, Spirit and Son
the battle is won.

Jesus, I know that your love for me has no end.
My faith growing stronger each day that on you I depend.
When my doubting subsides,
when I’m finally brought to my knees;
Through my prayer, Father, Spirit and Son,
your grace is revealed.

Words by Mike Stanley
Music from Traditional Irish melody – Buachaill ón Eirne (Come by the Hills)
Copyright © 1995 CJM MUSIC
CCLI & OneLicense No. 2248006




What’s your story? Has this song has been part of your soundtrack of faith, or have you encountered it in a liturgy or at an event recently? Please leave a comment below…

3 thoughts on “Song to the Trinity [Song]

  1. Hello,
    I found this beautiful song in a search for music to sing solo for Trinity Sunday June 12, 2022.
    I would be honored to sing this song to my church congregation. My question is…
    Is there piano sheet music for this song? Or, only sheet music chording for the song to be played on guitar?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you so much.
    Alice Metzloff

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