Prepare His Way [Song]

prepare his way cjm music


A voice called in the wilderness
No-one knew from where he came
He called all hearts
to tum away from sin and shame
Repent he said and be baptised
Confess your sins and he who comes
will touch your life

Prepare his way (Prepare his way) 
His path make straight. 
The time is now he said, 
no longer need we wait 
The voice of God (The voice of God) 
Called loud and clear 
St. John the Baptist told the world 
that the Christ was near.

John preached the good news of the Lord
to everyone who’d hear
Pharisees and pagans too from far and near
What must we do?
Master how can we be saved?
Just follow Jesus Christ
and serve him all your days.

They thought he was the Chosen One,
the Messiah from above
But he only came to show the way
to the one soon to come
With water I baptise,
but the Saviour from above
Will baptise you with the Holy Spirit
and the fire of his love.

Music by Jo Boyce
Copyright © 1995 CJM MUSIC
CCLI & OneLicense No. 2247870




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