Blest by the Sun [Song]

Blest by the sun is a song that can be used for the Chrism Mass, Procession of Oils, Healing Service.

blest by the sun cjm music


Blest by the sun, the olive tree,
brought clusters of fair fruit to birth,
whose ripeness now we bring with prayer,
Lord Christ, redeemer of the earth.
Eternal King, look down and bless
the oil your servants offer here,
and may it be a lively sign
which all the powr’s of darkness fear
which all the pow’rs of darkness fear

From those washed in the sacred font
let Satan’s influence depart,
and when this oil the brow shall seal,
transforming grace invade the heart.
Our wounded nature thus be healed,
by your anointing grace, O Lord;
In men and women so renewed
shall God’s own image be restored
shall God’s own image be restored

Lord Christ, the Father’s only Son,
Who took our flesh in Mary’s womb,
Give light to your anointed ones,
and break the pow’r of death’s dark tomb.
So may this joyous Paschal feast,
the time when saving grace is giv’n,
fill ev’ry Christian soul with praise,
and raise our minds from earth to heav’n
and raise our minds from earth to heav’n

Music by Mike Stanley
Words translated from the Latin text by Richard Rutt (1925 – )
Copyright © CJM MUSIC
CCLI & OneLicense No. 5173240

Liturgical Use(s): Chrism Mass, Procession of Oils, Healing Service



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