When [Song]

A track co-written by the late Mike Stanley, featured on Jo Boyce’s first solo album, In God Alone.

when jo boyce cjm music


When the road is long and hard
When I do not know the way
When I’m cold and look for comfort
At the closing of the day
When I need a hand to guide me
A strength that will not fail
My friend my friend is standing close to me

When I thirst for truth and justice
When I long for what is right
When I feel my health is failing
When I dread cold death’s night
When I feel my life lacks meaning
When I know I can’t go on
My Lord my Lord is standing close to me

When I see my neighbour’s need
But I look the other way
When I feel so lost so helpless
When I can’t find words to pray
When I see hatred and division
A world crying out for peace
Jesus Jesus is standing close to me

Words and Music by Father Ed Hone & Mike Stanley
Copyright © 1995 CJM Music
CCLI & OneLicense No. 2248099



What’s your story? Has this song been part of your soundtrack of faith, or have you encountered it in a liturgy or at an event recently? Please leave a comment below…

One thought on “When [Song]

  1. My kids at school love the song ‘When’ but can’t download it anywhere to use in assembly or mass . Can you help?

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