Make Me Holy [Song]

This song is simple enough to be sung in unison by the entire assembly but also lends itself to solo performance which would provide a moment for reflection and prayer. This song is useful for healing and/or reconciliation services and could also be used at the Preparation of the Gifts on occasions when the Liturgy of the Word has focused on healing, wholeness or holiness.


Prepare my mind, prepare my soul
Prepare my heart and make me whole
Prepare me for the awesomeness of you
Renew in me a spirit strong
Remind me Lord of all that’s wrong
Create in me complete desire for you

Make me ho – ly, Lord
Make me ho – ly, Lord
Make me ho – ly, Lord… Like you

Consume my mind, consume my soul
Consume my heart and make me whole
Consume me with the awesomeness of you
Destroy the pride, destroy the hate
Destroy the things that separate
And keep me from returning back to you (to chorus)

Words and Music by Aaron Thompson
Copyright © 2006 Aaron Thompson excl. UK adm. by


One thought on “Make Me Holy [Song]

  1. Heard this first at Birmingham Charismatic conference a few years ago. Absolutely beautiful x

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