Sing Over Us [Song]

This song, also known as “The Song of Healing” was written during the two years of Mike’s illness, up until his death in June 2013. His inspiration stemmed from his love of liturgy and reading the Gospel.


Sing over us, O Lord, a song of freedom
Sing over us, O Lord, the truth we believe
Sing over us, O Lord, your word of forgiveness
Which by grace we receive

Let us be soothed by the sound of your voice
Gently affirming, ‘Do not be afraid’
For the Healer comes to make us whole,
to make us holy.

Words & Music by Mike Stanley
Copyright © Fisherman (UK) Music

CCLI No. 7028562


What’s your story? Has this song has been part of your soundtrack of faith, or have you encountered it in a liturgy or at an event recently? Please leave a comment below…

2 thoughts on “Sing Over Us [Song]

  1. Hi. I came across this beautiful song on your Facebook page and can’t stop listening to it. I met both Jo and Mike when I was teaching in a Catholic School in Wolverhampton and I came to one of your services after school. I found the whole experience very uplifting. I am a musician, and more recently a Christian songwriter having recently renewed my faith. I am sad to learn of Mike Stanley’s passing – what a legacy he has left. A true inspiration to us all.

    1. Mike wrote this song of healing for the Lourdes pilgrimage at a time when he knew that he himself had not long to live.

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