Earth Calling Heaven [Song]

Earth Calling Heaven is an Offertory song that is like a conversation you can imagine yourself having with Jesus.

earth calling heaven cjm music


The other day while I was talking to a friend of mine
There was a strange interference on the telephone line.
A voice out of nowhere was calling my name
At first I thought that some one was just playing a game.
The voice said “Hello, this is Jesus”. I said “Mister get real!”
But words can’t express how his voice made me feel.
And in less than a moment I saw this was my chance.
There were so many questions I just wanted to ask.

Earth calling heaven. Don’t touch that dial
I’ve got Jesus on the end of my telephone line.

Lord, there is something you will have to explain
Why should my sin be redeemed by your pain.
Surely the Father could find some other way
To make us believe and get down on our knees and pray.
The Lord said, I gave you the heavens and the land and the seas
But all of this splendour does not make you believe.
Voices and visions and signs in the sky
Won’t make doubters believe there’s a God up on high

Lord, there’s still something I just can’t understand
Why did you come to earth to be an ordinary man?
When you could have powerful armies obeying your command
The world at your feet without lifting a hand!
The Lord said “I came down from heaven and I gave you my life
In bread and wine remember this sacrifice
‘Cos no other miracle on earth or above
Is so accurate a measure of the depth of my love.”

But Lord, look at this world, it seems something’s gone wrong
And surely if you love us you won’t let this go on
Can’t you stop all the fighting, it’s causing such a strain
Stop the drought and the famine and send a little bit of rain.
The Lord said, “I’ve given this world enough for all my children’s needs
And some now go without because of others’ greed
I see all that’s happening and it’s breaking my heart…
But the answer’s in the message that I gave you long before things fell apart.

Mother nature, the gift of life …
You think there must be a logical explanation.
You’ve got credit cards and machines that can fly
And you don’t need me now you understand evolution!!

“The Father and I ain’t the kind to interfere
Just gently knocking on your heart
to let you know that we’re still here.
You have a life and a will of your own.
So will you choose to believe … or hang up the phone?”

Words & Music by Joanne Boyce
Copyright © 1995 CJM Music
CCLI & OneLicense No. 4225687

Liturgical Use(s): Offertory



What’s your story? Has this song has been part of your soundtrack of faith, or have you encountered it in a liturgy or at an event recently? Please leave a comment below…

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