Children of the Light [Song]

The Children of the Light is a warming song that touches the hearts of everyone.

children of the light cjm music


We are children, children of the Light
We are shining in the darkness of the night
Hope for this world, joy throughout the land.
Touch the hearts of everyone, take everybody’s hand.

Come and gather round the flame, share the light in his name
We the children of the light
As the wind blows where it will, spread the news to everyone
There’s still plenty of time, for we have just begun.

Join the song of all the earth, we’ve a dream a dream to share
And a promise of re-birth
Let the earth feel the warmth of his love here in our hearts
We’ve still many a dream and promises to keep

Words & Music by Eugene O’Reilly
Copyright © 2001 (in the UK) CJM MUSIC
CCLI & OneLicense No. 637795



What’s your story? Has this song has been part of your soundtrack of faith, or have you encountered it in a liturgy or at an event recently? Please leave a comment below…

6 thoughts on “Children of the Light [Song]

  1. Good afternoon
    I am trying to get hold of a copy of the sheet music for We are Children, Children of the Light.
    I see it is available in one of your Virtual Music Books – please can you tell me if its in Volume 1 or Volume 2? Also can you advise if there is a copy of the instrumental version that could be used as a backing track for the children to sing along to if we don’t have an accompanist available.
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Joyce,
      Our team has checked and unfortunately, we do not have an instrumental version that can be used as a backing track to sing along to. Blessings!

  2. Do you have a digital download of the song Children of the Light that I could purchase please?

    1. Unfortunately we don’t currently have a download of tis piece available for purchase. But it is on our production lsit, so we’ll hopefully get to it eventually. Bless you.

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