You Know Me [Song]

A beautiful song by Mike Stanley.


You know me, you formed me,
You gave me life
From darkness, you called me,
you changed my life
and even as the sun sinks down
I see your light shine through
For still the stars of heaven shine
and I’m alive in you,
alive in you

You know me, you heal me,
you set me free
You opened up your arms
and gave your life for me
and thought the skies were darkened
and the heavens torn apart
For love your life had ended
that in truth my life may start
my life may start

You know me reach out and
take my emptiness
transform me and let me
share your holiness
though clouds may gather round me
when you feel so far away
mould me in your image,
as the potter moulds the clay
moulds the clay

You know me, I know you
we are as one
the old life, has ended
the new begun
for in the silent moments
in the sunrise in the fields
all creation sings in praise
and so you are revealed
you are revealed

Words & Music by Mike Stanley
Copyright © 1995 CJM Music
CCLI & OneLicense No. 2248013


What’s your story? Has this song has been part of your soundtrack of faith, or have you encountered it in a liturgy or at an event recently? Please leave a comment below…

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