CJM Words, Music & Streaming Copyright Licence


Covers you to ‘stream’ songs owned by CJM MUSIC in your livestream and pre-recorded services, events and social media, as well as reproduce the words and music of the songs for congregational use.

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we worship. Now we have livestream and pre-recorded services, videos on various social media platforms; podcasting etc. If you’re using copyrighted music in this context, you need a license or permission from the rights owner that is over and above the usual permission or licence that covers use during an act of worship.

The “streaming” element of this extended licence, gives you that permission. You may ‘stream’ versions of your own recording or playing of songs published by CJM MUSIC. You are also covered to use the published recording directly from our catalogue of CJM MUSIC and Boyce & Stanley  CDs or directly purchased or downloaded MP3’s (our Responsorial Psalms, for example).

This license also covers you to reproduce the words and music of the songs by photocopying directly from the music books or sheet music published by CJM MUSIC. (You must of course, actually own an official edition of the music you wish to reproduce.)

This streaming license DOES NOT cover you to re-stream our music from Spotify or other music streaming platforms. 

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