Sweet Heart of Jesus [Song]

The composer of this hymn is unknown, but its origin is possibly Irish. The devotion to the Sacred Heart was greatly fostered by Pope Pius IX, who approved the indulgence prayer: “Sweet Heart of my Jesus, make me love thee ever more and more!” (Nov 26, 1876)

Sweet heart of jesus age to age I songs for a pilgrim people


Sweet Heart of Jesus! Fount of love and mercy,
Today we come thy blessings to implore;
Oh touch our hearts so cold and so ungrateful,
And make them Lord, thine own for evermore.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! We implore, 
Oh, make us love thee, more and more.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! Make us know and love thee.
Unfold to us the treasures of thy grace.
That so our hearts, from things of earth uplifted,
May long alone to gaze upon thy face.

Arrangement by Craig McLeish, Jo Boyce & Mike Stanley
Copyright © 2007 CJM MUSIC

Liturgical Use(s): Most Sacred Heart of Jesus


Featured on BBC Songs of Praise:



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