O Bread of Heaven [Song]

We owe this beautiful and popular hymn to St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696 – 1787) who wrote it in Italian as ‘O Pane del Cielo’. The English translation was made by Rev. Fr E. Vaughan, CSsR and set to a tune attributed to H.F. Henry, quite different from the lilt of the original Italian melody composed by the saint himself.

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O Bread of Heaven, beneath this veil
thou dost my very God conceal;
my Jesus, dearest treasure, hail;
I love thee and adoring kneel;
each loving soul by thee is fed
with thine own self in form of bread.

O bond of love, that dost unite
the servant to his living Lord;
could I dare live, and not requite
such love then death were meet reward:
I cannot live unless to prove
some love for such unmeasured love.

Words by St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696 – 1787) , Tr. by Rev. Fr E. Vaughan, CSsR
Melody by H.F. Henry, Arr. by Craig McLeish
Copyright © CJM MUSIC


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