004 Let His Glory Shine ~ Dan Callow talks about his debut EP [PODCAST]

In this episode Jo Boyce will be talking to our friend and partner in ministry, Dan Callow of OneLife Music about his debut EP Let His Glory Shine.

Music for the Mass Podcast Episode 4

This episode was recorded in May while we were in Lourdes leading the music for the Archdiocese of Birmingham’s annual pilgrimage. Dan’s been part of the core music team for our diocesan pilgrimage for the past few years, alongside Jo Boyce and pianist Andy Ross. His music is fast becoming part of the much-loved repertoire of our regular pilgrims.

Listen now:

Episode Highlights:

In this episode Jo Boyce and Dan Callow talk about music in Lourdes on the Diocesan Pilgrimage.

  • Jo answers this week’s Liturgy Question from Paula to suggest settings of the ‘Our Father’ that meet the new expectations of the revised translation of the Mass and will appeal to both young and old?
  • Dan talks about the joy of sharing new music while in Lourdes on the Diocesan Pilgrimage
  • How singing live in the context of the liturgy always beats singing in a recording studio
  • The creative experience of working with Craig McLeish as producer/arranger for the first time
  • Dan shares a bit of the story behind the six songs on the new EP, Let His Glory Shine
  • Upcoming Let His Glory Shine concert dates
  • Remembering Mike Stanley – the Soli legacy lives on.

Songs featured:

The songs featured in this episode are mostly from Dan Callow’s uplifting EP Let His Glory Shine:

  • Mary of Gladness – Marian song based on Salve Regina
  • Let His Glory Shine
  • We are the Rock
  • My Dedication
  • Be My Stronghold
  • His Name is Jesus (from the Mike Stanley EP, Faith)

Links and Resources

Here are some useful links to the resources and songs mentioned in this episode:

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