003 Youth at Heart ~ Celebrating our Youth Ministry Roots [Podcast]

In this episode Jo Boyce will be talking Maria Bracken and Celebrating our Youth Ministry Roots – it is how Mike Stanley and Jo met more than 20 years ago – and we still have strong links with many Diocesan Youth Services across the UK.

Maria Bracken – A Passion for Youth Ministry

Maria Bracken, is the Youth Ministry Co-ordinator for Birmingham Catholic Youth Service; she shares some of the hilarious and inspiring highlights of her own faith journey; and her passion for working with young people.

Listen now:

In this episode Jo Boyce and Maria share their story about Catholic Youth work:

  • Maria and Jo recall their first meeting at a Coventry Deanery Youth Mass in the early 90’s…
  • The vision behind the Coventry Deanery Youth Masses
  • About being the longest serving Diocesan Youth Worker in the UK
  • Joining the Maltfriscans, experiencing heartbreak and learning to trust God
  • The making of the Born for This cross and the ongoing Born for This legacy
  • Getting young people involved in the Church and and the Liturgy

Songs featured

In this episode we play several songs: You Are My Hands – the song that Jo sang in the Car for Fr Mike White when she had her VERY informal interview for Soli House back in the Summer of 1992.

Links and Resources


Jo Boyce announces she will be taking an 8 week sabbatical from 11 April to 6 June 2014.  The Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes is on 24 – 31 May 2014.  Our next episode topic will be The Art of the Bidding Prayer.

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