7th Sunday of Easter, Year A

The responsorial psalm for the 7th Sunday of Easter.

Psalm 26:1, 4, 7-8 r.13
I am sure I shall see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.

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Listen below: 7th Sunday of Easter, Year A ~ Responsorial Psalm

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2 thoughts on “7th Sunday of Easter, Year A

  1. Curious to know why have you not provided any music for the verses. It’s only half a psalm.

    1. For some groups and settings with limited resources and experience, singing the Response only is a good step towards a sung rather than entirely recited Responsorial Psalm. So, we have opted to model that here with some of the settings we provide. In most cases, a familiar psalm tone can always be added if that’s your preference and you have the resources to do that.

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