Singing the Revised Translation – are we ready for the deadline?

I didn’t think it would be the case, but this Sunday as I heard the choir singing “Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of Power and might”, I realised it was true – some parishes are still singing settings of the previous translation of the ordinary of the Mass.

Singing the Revised Translation

Which made me read the recent Bishop’s Conference announcement in a different light:

“The Bishops’ Conference has decided that from Pentecost Sunday, 8 June 2014 only settings of the Ordinary of the Mass using the new translation are permitted to be sung at Mass. Settings using the previous translation or paraphrased texts may no longer be used in our parishes, schools and communities”

You can read the full Bishops’ Conference Statement here.

It’s not our tendency to advocate draconian adherence to rubrics of the liturgy – there are often pastoral and other considerations to bear in mind. In this case, however, it does seem that there has been plenty time for us to build a repertoire of settings of the revised translations in our schools and parishes.

There have also been some excellent resources developed to support the transition. Here’s a list of settings that have so far been approved through the Liturgy Office.

Of course that list includes the 6 settings composed by Mike Stanley and published by us in Rejoice n Sing Vol 3. – Mass Settings for the Revised translation.

Rejoice n Sing Vol 3. - Mass Settings for the Revised translation

You can also still download the Mass of St Bernadette for FREE here.

Perhaps it is indeed time for us to graciously let go – even of the much-loved and widely used settings of the past.  What do you think?

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