Rejoice ‘n’ Sing Vol. 3 Mass Settings – Audio CD & Digital Songbook

Our Rejoice ‘n’ Sing volume 3 mass settings project has truly been a labour of love  – especially for Mike Stanley who’s been overseeing the project working from home while also being on long-term sick leave.

Rejoice 'n' Sing Vol. 3 - New Mass Settings

The collection features SIX new Mass settings for the revised translation  and the feedback we’ve received so far has been really very positive. 

“[the CD] … was on the doormat when I arrived home from school
this evening – and is so beautiful – very moving and uplifting –
I can’t wait to get everyone working on a new setting!” ~ Jon

One of the exciting things about the recording is that it features the vocal talents of priests from our diocese – including our Archbishop Bernard Longley. For each mass setting one of the priests sings and/or speaks the part of the Presider, which helps the listener understand exactly how each setting works within the context of the Mass.

From the lively, contemporary feel of the Mass of St Jude to the more formal Festive Mass, each setting contains common musical motifs and has the potential to lift any liturgical celebration. The music which is accessible for both musician and congregation.

We really hope these will be great, flexible resources to help parishes and schools learn, teach and implement the new translation.

These settings are also now available in a Virtual Songbook format, so you can access them from anywhere from your computer or mobile. For more information about this and other offerings from our Liturgy Box, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Rejoice ‘n’ Sing Vol. 3 Mass Settings – Audio CD & Digital Songbook

  1. Has anyone had problems downloading this? I did and my computer has now crashed. NOW I see there is a warning in the small print on the cd that it is recommended to scan the discs before using it! Perhaps this should be in BIG LETTERS on the front if it is needed.

    1. Hi Felicity – we haven’t had reports of any issues with folks accessing the disc contents. The “small print” is just a standard warning (like most terms a conditions…) There should be no reason for the disc to cause your computer to crash, but if you think it may be faulty we will happily replace it.

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