008 Life as a Socially Distanced Disciple ~ In conversation with David Wells [Podcast]

In this episode Jo Boyce is in conversation with David Wells, a well-known Catholic speaker, teacher, catechist and author.

David is loved for his ability to bring great insight and humour to his teaching and speaking, while also moving his listeners and readers quite profoundly as he shares his faith and the teachings of the Church with vulnerability and authenticity.

David brings that same authenticity and thoughtfulness to this conversation with Jo Boyce, as they share their experience of “lockdown”, and explore what’s next for our faith in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and how we find hope even in the darkest times.

Listen now:

Episode Highlights:

  • Pros and cons of 24-7 access to faith resources online
  • Challenges of engaging people in virtual liturgies and maintaining reverence when wearing pyjamas.
  • What social distancing will mean for our personal interaction with one another.
  • Rediscovering gratefulness and what we are learning in isolation
  • Things that we’ve learned about our communities and the people in them during this time of online interaction.
  • Potential for innovation and a more profound faith experience in the future.

Songs featured:

Songs featured during our conversation with David:

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2 thoughts on “008 Life as a Socially Distanced Disciple ~ In conversation with David Wells [Podcast]

  1. God bless you, Jo.

    You may remember me from a few years ago when yourself and Mike lead the music at the diaconal ordination of Nick Johnson, Simon Fletcher and myself at Plymouth Cathedral.

    I have just enjoyed – and I really do mean enjoyed – you podcast 8 – with David Wells. It is a conversation which really needs to be picked up by the Bishops Conference, as we “renovate” our Church.
    I work as a prison chaplain, and because of this, I encounter faith groups of all kinds, and Christian groups of all parts of the spectrum. The sad thing I have to agree with you is that I know the names of many of the other churches which involve themselves in our prison ministry, whilst I struggle to find the names of my own congregation.

    I am the Chair of the Plymouth Diocese Catechetical Camps Committee, which organises Summer Camps for young people, basrd at Buckfast Abbey. This year we initially cancelled our camps – on 29th March, but now we are looking to give a camp experience to the young people through the use of Zoom Meetings and live streaming. How it will end up – I don’t know, but I have faith that we will draw some of the young people to us at the end of July and the beginning of August.

    This discussion with David, whom we are hoping might “drop in” to our camps at some time, really enthused me. Sharing our faith will be different, We need to be creative, and we know that we will need new skills in this ministry.

    Unfortunately I missed the session you were doing when you invited peoplpe to you Sunday Evening “Mass” to show how you put the liturgy together. Is that still available somewhere online?
    I thank you so much for your ministry and the joy you radiate in all of your podcasts.

    With Blessings,


    1. Thank you so much for your comment and feedback Mike. I will be in touch with the details on our Sunday evening Zoom liturgy. You’re welcome to join any time. Every blessing. JB

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