Joy of the Lord UK Concert Tour Review

As we begin November our hearts are still full of joy from the “Joy of The Lord” Concert Tour across the UK at the end of September until early October. Jo Boyce and our talented Collective had an incredible time performing in Coventry, Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, Feltham and Bath.

the joy of the lord cjm music tour

The tour’s theme was inspired by Pope Francis’ Apostolic exhortation, “Evangelii Gaudium” – The Joy of the Gospel. And we got off to a joy-filled start in Coventry. It was an especially wonderful evening shared with the superb massed choir from St Osburg’s, St Gregory’s, St Augustine’s and St Mary & St Benedict’s Primary Schools. They were great!

The comments we received on our Facebook page that night we really encouraging.  (If you’ve not yet found us on Facebook yet, you can like us here.)

facebook comments about Coventry Joy of the Lord concert
Positive feedback on our CJM MUSIC Collective Facebook Page

Our next stops were Liverpool and Sheffield. We just couldn’t resist taking a few cheeky selfies with the lovely audience at St Mary’s in Huyton.  Out thanks to Fr Mark and the parish for their wonderful welcome and hospitality overnight ahead of our journey to Sheffield.


In Sheffield we discovered we might have ourselves a new band member when Mgr Kilgannon, Parish Priest of Mother of God church in Sheffield.  He joined us on the tin whistle for Song to the Trinity.  You can decide for yourselves by watching this video shared on Facebook by Bernie Healy.

Concert organiser, Lorraine Healey did a fabulous job, packing the church with a capacity audience and raising more than £500 for St Vincent’s Furniture Store in the process.

We really had a fabulous evening in Sheffield – such warm hospitality; an amazing audience; 60 or so voices in our children’s choir; and it was so lovely that Bishop Ralph could be there with us too.  We even got a little write up the Hallam News.

And then we did it all again in Birmingham, Feltham and Bath…

Joy of the Lord Tour -- Birmingham, Feltham, Bath

The parish school weren’t able to join us at St Brigid’s in Northfield, but we were ably supported by a wonderful choir from St Augustine’s in Kenilworth.

A truly lovely evening,
the children’s choir were good.
Jo and friends sounded great.
Well done! Looking forward
to 15th November. Keith and Lynne.

Keith E Airey

Then we packed our overnight bags and headed south to enjoy the generous hospitality of Fr Chris Vipers and the parish of St Lawrence in Feltham.

Came home soo uplifted, another wonderful evening
with your amazing and joyful music.
I brought my friend and when it finished
she grabbed me and gave me a hug for
introducing her to your music.
Another one under the spell of the Holy Spirit 
Jane King

We finished at St Mary’s in Bath, joined by the joy-filled voices of choirs from St Mary’s Primary School and St Gregory’s Catholic College.  Once again we were treated to the wonderful hospitality of concert organiser Charlotte Boyall and parish priest Fr Jeremy – exactly what a tired band needed on the final date of a tour.

Now our thoughts turn to preparation for We Will Remember memorial concert for Mike Stanley. We miss him greatly as we tour and perform, although he is ever-present with us in his music. And in the midst of it all, as this tour has reminded us so clearly – “the Joy of the Lord is our strength” {Nehemiah 8:10}

Did you attend one of our concerts?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

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