Funeral Arrangements for Mike Stanley

We know that many of those who knew and loved Mike will want to join us in person or united in prayer, as we celebrate his life and commend him back to God.


Reception into Church and Evening Prayer
Monday 17th June at 7pm.

The Funeral Mass
Tuesday 18th June at 11am.

Both services take place at:
St Joseph’s RC Church
123 Cannock Rd

Family flowers only.

For those who wish to, donations can be made to
St Giles Hospice or CAFOD via church on the day.

25 thoughts on “Funeral Arrangements for Mike Stanley

  1. I am in Devon and have to work during this busy exam time. But I shall unite in prayer with all of you at 11 am on the 18th, whatever I am doing. May he rest in peace and may perpetual light shine on his soul.

  2. I am so sorry that professional music commitments mean I cannot be with you for the Funeral Mass but I shall be thinking of Mike, his family and all at CJM at that time and holding you all in my prayers. I remember Mike with affection and gratitude.

  3. what sad news I’ll miss Mike his smile and laugh the cheeky way he behaved and the warmth and love always felt when I met him my love to you all always with us in spirit

    lots of love Phil Waine x

  4. I never met Mike as he was ill when I went to Lourdes for the first time two years ago, but his music and faith has inspired me greatly. I listen to it and play it all the time.
    A very sad time, prayers and love are with you all. x God Bless x

  5. I fell in love with CJM at the Celebrate Conference in Devon and I have been a fan since. I met and spoke personnally to Mike and Jo and you can my joy when they played at my local parish. I am so sorry deeply sorry to hear about Mike’s passing. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the service due to work commitment but I will be praying for Yvonne and the boys and for Mike.


  6. recent surgery will prevent me from attending the funeral, however I send my sincere love and prayers always to the Stanley family. Mike’s humility and love will always inspire myself and my children.

    love Sherry, Kerry and Amy Mckeon

  7. I am so sorry to hear this dreadful news. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I will try and attend on Tuesday. So sorry. John Perrins

  8. recent surgery will prevent us from attending the funeral mass. However our love and prayers go to the Stanley family. Mike’s humility and love will always remain with us
    love Sherry Kerry & Kerry Mckeon

  9. Thanks for the memories – they will be treasured and your music will live on as an ever constant source of inspiration. The pleasure has been all ours Mike, may you rest in peace and your rewards be plentiful in heaven. For Mike’s family – especially Yvonne and the boys, deepest sympathies are with you all at this sad time. Will be united in thoughts and prayers Tuesday @ 11.00 a.m.


  10. I met with Mike and Jo nearly 18 years ago in Newport sth Wales and was overwhelmed by their sheer enthusiasm. When I initially read about Mike’s illness I myself was recovering from breast cancer and knew exactly what Mike and his family were going through. However the sad news of his death made me feel numb. My prayers are with you all. May Mike rest in peace.
    As a tribute to Mike, I will be playing Bread of Life and Song of the Trinity at Mass on Sunday.
    God Bless.

  11. I have been inspired by and enjoyed CJM’s music for many years. Rest in peace, Mike, your music and faith will continue to inspire many. You and your family are in my prayers.

  12. It sadens me but I won’t be able to get to mikes funeral. He was an inspiration to everyone we met CJMat walsingham YP all the children loved the music he will be missed by us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time especially his wife and children. May the Lord send down comfort and blessings to you all XXX

  13. Earth’s loss is heaven’s gain. Despite immense sadness at this time, I can’t help but feel that Our Lord has got Mike doing The St.Bernadette’s Mass Alleluia with His angels…I hope they know what they are in for!!! May God’s blessings continue for Yvonne and the boys, The Stanley family, Jo and CJM….thank you for sharing Mike with us…. from all your friends in Stratford upon Avon

  14. St Francis Music Group, Kenilworth.

    We have over the years shared Mike’s music with the congregation here in Kenilworth. We are planning to have a Mass said for him very soon & to play some of his inspirational music at it.

    “We can be solemn and smile at the same time” Rest in Peace.

  15. So sad for Mike’s family and friends. He has blessed us all so much and CJM’s music has been an integral part of my spiritual journey since my first Celebrate. Bread of Life/Taste and See used at my son’s baptism and First Holy Communion of my daughters. Born for This played in the car every Lent of the way to school. Magnificat all the time and Therese of Lisieux given to my daughter at her confirmation – to mention a few. Thank you, God for Mike and please be close to his family and CJM at this time. Will pray on Tuesday.xx

  16. Sorry I cannot be there tomorrow but I am due to have a baby any day now and it’s too far to travel. Thoughts and prayers assured.. With love mike RIP x

  17. Joan
    Dear Tony, Yvonne and family
    Don and I are sorry that we cannot be with you tomorrow. Mike is in our prayers.
    We value our long association with Mike and all at CJM – and hope to continue
    doing all we can to promote Mike’s inspirational music..

  18. I cherish the memories of working with Mike (and Jo) on a number of BBC worship broadcasts. It was a very gifted and special ministry which I hope Jo will be able to continue. And so it’s with sadness that I won’t be able to be with you tomorrow. However. you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you send Mike on his way. God bless him.

  19. So sorry I can’t be there to pay my respects tomorrow. My thoughts & love are yours. It was amazing to catch up with Mike at Birmingham Town Hall recently and was a great reminder of Drowsy Maggie days with him. He’ll be missed by so many for so long.

  20. I feel your loss – Mike was such a talented man and so inspirational to me as a teenager running a music youth group at a church in Cannock. I would have liked to attend the Funeral tomorrow, but unfortunately cannot due to work commitments. I will be with you in spirit and wish the family he leaves behind my sympathy. RIP

  21. Beautiful memories of all the good he did, he will never be forgotten. He bought pleasure to so many people. Rest in peace and God bless

  22. My thoughts and prayer go out to all the Stanley Family today especially Yvonne and the Boys today and for the days to come. My own two children, now living in Torquay have asked if there could be a minutes silence for Mike today and that one of his hymns is sung at Assembly. They are very saddened by Mike’s death and have been praying for him since he was first diagnosed. He was such an inspiration to anyone that met him and the music that both Jo and himself created was always so moving. I can’t imagine what our lives will be like without him but we will never forget him. If only we as adults could be as pragmatic as children, my son Jacob said that Mike’s job was done on earth and that God called him for help with the Choir in Heaven. How lovely to think of Mike up there inspiring everyone – Our Loss is certainly Heaven’s gain. RIP Mike

  23. Like so many others, sorry I could not be there today. Thanks to Mike for the many gifts shared so generously over the years. Such gifts both ease and intensify the pain. Love and thoughts to Yvonne and the boys, and to Tony and to Jo.

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