Litany of the Evangelising Saints for Proclaim 15 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This setting of the Litany of the Saints was written for a Holy Hour vigil at St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham on the eve of the national conference on Evangelisation – Proclaim 15.

Litany of the Evangelising Saints

Delegates from Dioceses across England and Wales gathered in prayer and anticipation; with Archbishop Bernard Longley presiding, and our own Jo Boyce leading the music alongside pianist Andy Ross.

The outline of hymns and prayers suggest for the Proclaim 15 Holy Hour included the text of this Litany of Evangelising Saints.  The Saints were thoughtfully grouped according to their particular evangelistic charism. None of the existing contemporary settings we know really worked with the text, and so Jo came up with this arrangement, based more closely on the traditionally familiar chant.

The objective was for it to feel familiar to the congregation so that they can make their responses easily, and for it to be easily accompanied with the line up of one guitar and a piano.

pdf-icon2-25pxClick here to download PDF melody line and chords.

The real work of Proclaim 15the call to build missionary parishes, continues far beyond the event in Birmingham back in July… fabulous as it was. So we continue to call upon the Saints to pray with us and for us, that the church may truly proclaim the love of Christ and the joy of the Gospel.

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5 thoughts on “Litany of the Evangelising Saints for Proclaim 15 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    1. Wow while listening to this amazing evangelising litany of saints, I really felt like I was with the saints in heaven singing it, thanks for this wonderful work.

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