In God Alone (CD) – the first solo recording from Jo Boyce

It’s a bitter-sweet moment, there’s no doubt about that. But the release of Jo Boyce’s first solo CD, since Mike Stanley’s death in 2013 is a significant milestone.

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After almost 20 years as part of a duo, and almost three years primarily focused on sharing the music written and recorded by Mike while he was undergoing treatment for bowel cancer, it was certainly time for Jo to venture back into the recording studio herself.

The fruit of those hours in the studio, working alongside long time producer and arranger Craig McLeish, is the beautifully poignant six-track EP, In God Alone: Songs of Hope and Consolation.  Understandably, the CD tells the story of a season of loss and of leaning into God for Grace and strength.

The sound is warm and inviting. The words are moving and inspiring. The vocal performances are sweetly filled with deep resolve and passion.


“I’ve had this…  new album for 2 days now. I CANNOT stop listening to it. It is a beautiful expression of hope, comfort and faith for everyday or whenever you are going through a time when pain is real or extra encouragement is needed… Or just want to listen to some gorgeous music, vocals, harmonies…mmmm” ~ CLAIRE

We hope and pray that the songs on this CD will be a source of encouragement, hope and consolation for you too.

Order online: Audio CD £6.99

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