3 Keys for Renewing Parish Music Ministry – Music Ministry Matters, Episode 1

Welcome to the first release of our new series, Music Ministry Matters! This is a series to help us think about where we are as Church as we emerge from the pandemic and rediscover the song of our congregations.

In this episode, Jo Boyce shares three key points that can perhaps make all the difference to whether our parishes will sing again or whether we’ll just continue to watch the decline of ministries and hand over music ministry to the CD player.

1. Focus on forming leaders: We need real lay leadership and not just happy volunteers who are in charge of things.

2. Make a meaningful invitation to ministry – And a notice in the bulletin appealing for singers is not it.

3. Create a Culture of Collaboration: An effective pastoral leader sees all these threads of disparate groups and disparate people who need to find a way to serve together, and calls them into communion.

When these three things are in place, it can make all the difference.

All of these issues we explore in depth regularly in the Music Ministry Collective, where Jo offers ongoing support formation and accompaniment for those involved in this vital ministry of music and song. So if you have a heart for these and you want to journey with us, click here to learn more.

Meanwhile, until our next episode, God bless you and keep singing.

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