009 An Open Door to Music Ministry with Tom Bonard [Podcast]

In this episode Jo Boyce will be talking to Tom Bonard of Crossbeam about the evolution of his music ministry and song-writing. In a season when public singing has been relegated a little, for reasons of health and safety, this episode is an encouraging and inspiring reminder of the value of music and song in our journey of faith.

Now based in the Diocese of Plymouth, Tom’s links with CJM MUSIC go back many year to their first meeting at the Celebrate Conference, when his musical gifting was just beginning to come to the fore.

Tom is now a regular face in the line-up the CJM MUSIC collective, and released his first solo album, Open Door, back in 2017.

Listen now:

Episode Highlights:

In this episode Jo and Tom talk about some key milestones in more than 20 years of music ministry adventures:

  • Discovered his musical gifting as a teenager
  • The formation Crossbeam started as a Christian rock band
  • Difficulties of moving songs into liturgical or worship settings
  • Being part of the cast of Born for This
  • The making of his first solo album, Open Door
  • Jo talks about the benefits of recording remotely to continue the work of ministry during lockdown

Songs featured:

The songs featured in this episode include some from Tom Bonard’s latest album Open Door and his band Crossbeam:

  • Walk in Your Ways by Crossbeam
  • Jesus You Are There by Crossbeam
  • Somebody Loves You by Tom Bonard
  • Wonderful by Tom Bonard
  • Taste and See by Boyce & Stanley
  • Already There by Tom Bonard
  • All the People Said Amenlockdown’ cover by Jo Boyce & Tom Bonard

Links and Resources

Here are some useful links to the resources and songs mentioned in this episode:

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