The Lesson of Autumn and the Pattern of Creation [Reflection]

There’s something very powerful about the Autumn season. The colours are breath-takingly rich and beautiful. And yet, there seems so much dying and decaying as the darker evenings draw in around us.

It is good to be reminded that the Creator of the universe has created all of life to have this pattern of life and death. Dying and rising.

Join Jo Boyce for an autumn walk and reflection on the season of change and challenge we find ourselves in…

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The song featured in this video was remotely pre-recorded by Jo Boyce and her parish team using the technique outlined in our free Remote Recording Tutorial. For more information on how your team can make recordings like this one, check out the 3-part video tutorial here.

We would love to hear your thoughts. What have you been learning during this season?

One thought on “The Lesson of Autumn and the Pattern of Creation [Reflection]

  1. Hi Jo,
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely autumn walk. I miss so much not getting out in the countryside. Although I have had a hip replacement I am not physically fit due to arthritis and other bits and bat’s. We used to walk regularly around Lancashire and the Lake District. There is something so calming listening to water be it a stream or laping waves. I very much enjoyed watching your virtual pilgrimage and the footage of the torchlight along with the hymns was moving. As part of the Raphael pilgrimage we held a virtual pilgrimage and I was honoured to pray. I was so proud of my grandsons Alonzo and Theo (aged 9 and 8) as they also prayed their own section of the rosary. Alonzo went to Lourdes when he was a baby with HCPT group 171 when his mum and I were helpers. Lourdes is such a special place and through going on pilgrimage it has given me the condidence to pray live on Catholic Blackburn Facebook.
    Thankyou so much for your inspirational music. God Bless
    Sheila Moss.

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