Ubi Caritas Award for Jo Boyce & Mike Stanley

On Friday 31st May, at the closing Mass of the Archdiocese of Birmingham’s Annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, Archbishop Bernard Longley presented the diocesan award “Ubi Caritas” to Jo Boyce, for her years of creative work in music ministry.

A tearful Jo Boyce receiving Ubi Caritas Award Photo by Alex Wright // Photo Lacaze
A tearful Jo Boyce receiving Ubi Caritas Award from Archbishop Bernard Longley
Photo by Alex Wright // Photo Lacaze

Mike Stanley, Jo’s singing, song-writing partner and co-founder of CJM MUSIC, who sadly died just 6 days later, had been presented his award by Vicar General, Mgr.Timothy Menezes in the week prior.

Presenting the award, His Grace said: “As you know, music doesn’t just appear, but it is composed. It’s written by those to whom God has given that wonderful creative gift. And we’ve been blessed this week week by compositions by two of those who have served our pilgrimage so well over many years – Mike Stanley, who we’ve held in our prayers during our pilgrimage, and Jo Boyce. As you look through the pilgrim booklet you’ll see many pieces we’ve sung written by each of them.”

“I am pleased to tell you that just before our pilgrimage began Mgr. Timothy Menezes represented me and took to Mike Stanley, in gratitude from the family of the Archdiocese, the Diocesan Award – the Ubi Caritas – in recognition of all that Mike has given to the diocese and the pilgrimage through his wonderful gift of music. And today, Mike knows, that I also wish to award the Ubi Caritas to Jo Boyce, who is here.”

Receiving the award, Jo said “Bread of Life was the first song Mike and I wrote together. And it was the last song we sang together. Hearing you sing that song in this liturgy today means more than words can express.”


2 thoughts on “Ubi Caritas Award for Jo Boyce & Mike Stanley

  1. Hi my name is tina. I was introduced to Boyce and Stanley when they did an interpretation of the Crucifixion , actually in our church, St Oswald’s king and martyr. Title ,”Born For This ” I was mesmerized as every other person in that church was and have never forgotten that evening. Their music has been part of my life since..it goes to church with me as we clean the church with every occasion in music on their cd’s Plugged in my ear when sleep won’t come or worries niggle, does the trick!

    Subsequently when our parish priest advertised an Ireneaus weekend in Southport just up the road ,who could ignore that? What a weekend. I record discs for the die hards (sorry Jo,) as they will not buy them and had a few converts.. they love listening while we clean and saying how great it is. So thank you Boyce and Stanley.

    Although a novice with R.C.I.A and the day was children’s liturgy it was a pleasure to be there it really lifted me up even though it was mainly for children’s liturgy, we can never learn enough. So thank you and your friend for such joy.

    I was very sorry about Mike such a wonderful faith, but we all know where is.

    god Bless you in Your new journey.xx tina

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