Official Year of Mercy Hymn ~ English Response and Guitar Accompaniment [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The official Hymn for the Holy Jubilee Year of Mercy is a beautiful, litany-style song by English liturgical composer, Paul Inwood. At first listen, though, the hymn perhaps isn’t that accessible by contemporary instruments such as guitar and piano.


We suspect there will also be those for whom the Latin refrain and response may be a bit of an uneasy fit, for whatever reason. It’s quite possible that this lovely hymn has not been as widely used as it could be, so far in this Holy Year of Mercy.

We love finding ways to build the bridge between traditional and contemporary expressions of liturgical music. So, we thought we’d produce a “guitar-friendly” version with optional English language refrain.

LISTEN: Hymn for the Year of Mercy (Sample)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Click here to download a FREE copy of our PDF melody & guitar lead sheet music for the Official Year of Mercy Hymn and accompanying MP3 demo recording.

Official resources for the Hymn are available to download from the Vatican website – including full keyboard/organ accompaniment and SATB choir parts.

As we journey through the latter half of this Jubilee year, it would be easy for our attention to drift a little. If this song hasn’t been part of your repertoire so far this year, we hope that introducing now it will help sustain your focus as we ponder and celebrate God’s unfailing mercy.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

4 thoughts on “Official Year of Mercy Hymn ~ English Response and Guitar Accompaniment [FREE DOWNLOAD]

  1. And, FWIW, the Vatican’s aim is that everyone should sing the Antiphon and the mini-refrains at the end of each line in LATIN, while singing the verses in their own language, thus achieving some kind of unity across the world. If you really must sing those Latin parts in English, the best textual versions so far run: “Be full of mercy like the Father” for the antiphon and “for his mer – cy endures for ever and ever” for the mini-refrains.

    1. Thanks for your comment Paul… and thank you for a beautiful piece of music. Our hope, of course, is simply that the piece be more widely sung. An optional English text may be the point of access some folks need.

      1. Thanks for the guitar chords Jo – with a capo too. Paul, at least you won’t have to spend the opening practise writing out the chords for Aodain and I! (assuming Catherine has chosen it)

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