Mass Planner Template [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Most of life’s recurring tasks can be done a little more efficiently if you use a template or checklist. Planning the music and liturgy for a celebration of the Mass is no different.

Mass Planner Template Download
More than 3 decades of pastoral music ministry experience means being able to write the Order of the Mass from memory (with one eye closed). Doing that from scratch each time we had to plan a liturgy would’t be a good use of time or mental resources. We ALWAYS start with a Mass Planner template.

Using a template makes sharing information with others – musicians, clergy etc. – much easier. It also helps to establish a consistency of approach that facilitates collaboration,  delegation and handing on roles and responsibilities to others.

If you haven’t already got a template that you use for your Mass planning, then you can download ours for FREE. This template is a PDF form that you can either print off to write in, or fill-in on your computer.

If you’re into using Google Docs, you can try the Google Sheets version of the template.  A cloud-based version like the one we’ve created in Google Sheets can be viewed and shared online and takes the collaboration possibility to a whole new level.

FREE DOWNLOAD:  Click here to download the Mass Planner template
and receive the link to our Google Sheets version too.

We hope this simple tool will help you has you plan the music and liturgy for your celebrations of the Mass. Do feedback and let us know.

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