Face of Your Mercy ~ A Song for the Year of Mercy [FREE DOWNLOAD]

It’s difficult to read Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter Misericordiae Vultus (The Face of Mercy) – and not be moved and inspired.  And it’s no surprise that in our world, such inspiration tends to lead to the writing of a new song.


There’s no shortage of songs of the theme of God’s mercy in either our contemporary or traditional song repertoire. It is a truth that is at the very heart of our faith. In this Holy Jubilee Year of Mercy, though, there is a particular focus in the invitation to be “Merciful like the Father“.

Through its three verses, Face of Your Mercy, keeps the focus on the person of God the Father, whose mercy we see revealed in Christ, who calls us to be the face of God’s mercy as the Body of Christ in the world.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Click here to download a FREE copy of the melody & guitar lead sheet music for Face of Your Mercy, in PDF format.

We hope this song will be useful as we continue to journey together and gaze upon the Face of God’s enduring mercy and steadfast love.

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