23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

The 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time occurs between 4 – 10 September.

Responsorial Psalm Year c 23rd sunday in ordinary time

Psalm  89: 3-6. 12-14. 17 r.1
O Lord, you have been our refuge from one generation to the next.

Click here to download melody line and chords [PDF]

Listen below: 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C ~ Responsorial Psalm

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7 thoughts on “23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

  1. Hi CJM,The Psalm settings you produce are fantastic. Ever thought of publishing a book with them all in. I know many music groups and worship leaders are not as accomplished as your good selves and a psalm book would be a great resource. A hugh thank you to both Joanne and Mike for there faith filled music. Mike has left a wonderful legacy. Thoughts and prayers for all at CJM especially Mikes family. Keep up the GOOD FIGHT. I am sure Mike is looking down on us all and smiling that his music is helping so many people worship.
    Thank you all for what you,
    Take Care
    God Bless
    Peter Benson (from Liverpool)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Peter. (Don’t worry, we love typos and make a fair few of them ourselves!)

      We are a long way of being in a position to publish a book of Responsorial Psalms… It’s a big project, if you want to do it properly. Our hope though, is that this evolving online resource will in some ways be even better that a book, because we can keep adding to it and improving it.

      Every blessing,
      Jo Boyce

  2. Hi CJM,
    Sorry have just read over my email from earlier. Did not realise I had written there instead of their music. Also at the end of the email it should read Thank you to all, for what you do.
    Take Care
    Peter Benson

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