006 Embrace the Vision ~ In conversation with John Griffin [Podcast]

In this episode Jo Boyce is in conversation with John Griffin, one of the founders and organisers of the Embrace Youth Conference in Liverpool. John shares how a simple vision of having a youth Mass, led to a one-day event that attracts close to 2000 young people.

Having studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, John has since followed God’s call into some unexpected places and roles. We hope this conversation with John gives you encouragement and inspiration to take small steps into big visions.

Listen now:

Episode Highlights:

  • Jo answers this week’s Liturgy Question from Laura about suggestions for ‘Offertory songs‘.
  • John talks about the idea and vision that led to Embrace becoming a reality
  • Discovering the role of Lay Chaplain through organising the first Embrace event.
  • How God sometime leads you to unexpected places.
  • Details of this year’s Embrace Conference at www.embrace-liverpool.org.uk
  • Upcoming Prepare the Way Advent Concert dates

Songs featured:

The Offertory songs mentioned (or played*) in this episode:

  • The Table – by Chris Tomlin
  • I Give Myself Away – by William McDowell
  • Blessed are You – by Mike Stanley
  • Now This Offering* – by Jo Boyce
  • Source of Life – by Mike Stanley
  • Take My Life  – from How Can We Keep from Singing? Vol. 3
  • These Alone Are Enough* – By Dan Schutte

Songs featured during our conversation with John:

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