Memories from the Cast of “Born For This”

Every year during Lent we are struck by the impact of Born for This. So many people have been profoundly moved by this powerful depiction of the Stations of the Cross.  One of the emails we received recently summed it up beautifully: “even in rehearsal it has already been such a moving experience for everyone involved!”

Being a part of a Born For This cast is a unique experience and over the years there have been many unforgettable moments shared with the singers, musicians, narrators and technical crew who came together time and again to share the story of the Way of the Cross.

Here are some of those memories in their own words:

The world just carried on…

My mind has returned to one of my Born for This moments, so I thought I would share it…

We got to the moment when Jesus/Jim had been nailed to the cross… and the whole place was held in the hugeness of the moments. No one moved – everyone was totally captivated and transfixed by what had just happened, everything was still – except the hanging thing above the altar.

In the dim light I was aware that it was still gently moving – continuing on the course it had been set on by an earlier moment. I was powerfully struck by another reality of that Friday.

As Jesus was crucified it was a world changing moment and those that were there (particularly those who were connected to Him) I am sure were totally focused on what was going on. But I realised the rest of the world had no clue of the significance of what was going on…and continued to move through the day oblivious.

In neighbouring towns and countries…and even in Jerusalem I am sure there were people who were still buying and selling, cooking, cleaning, building, laughing, playing, working, travelling, arguing, resting…in their usual rhythm of life. Oblivious.

The world is still the same.

How often does God move and we don’t notice? How many ways is He building His Kingdom and we are oblivious?

Thanks for the privilege of the experience of these weeks.

[Claire ~ Violin]

Without hesitation

I am starting to recover from the lethargy [that threaten to wipe us all out during the final leg of the tour], and I thought I would drop a line just to let you know that it has been a wonderful experience being a part of Born For This for the second year running.

Everyone that is apart of it is sooooooo friendly and makes you feel like you have been apart of the team forever, and that is special in itself.

Deep down, when I first saw the tour listing for BFT 2005 on the website I was secretly hoping that Colette, Frances and I would be asked to play again, and when I got the text message from Colette asking if I would do BFT I had no hesitation whatsoever to participate.

All the songs mean more to me now than the first time round and I have managed to learn some of the narrative as well!

[Pearl ~ Clarinet]

Portraying Jesus

Born for This is an emotional journey that takes my understanding of my religion to a new place each time, and touches me each time we perform.

Having the role of Jesus, for me is an immense responsibility and at first I wasn’t aware of its magnitude. It’s not the role itself, but the effect that I receive and the emotion that I am desperate to portray that makes this part so important to me.

My [acting] roles usually range from the slapstick to the stupid, so to take on the responsibility of this role was a new challenge – a challenge that is bountiful in its rewards.

The support and kinds words that I receive as part of this adventure only add to the experience and I hope that I offer a [portrayal of Jesus] that people find helps them connect to their beliefs at Easter and their understanding of the great sacrifice made for us.

It is great to be considered as part of this…

[James – actor]

A fabulous adventure

A great thank you to everyone at CJM for a fabulous, adventurous, nerve-wracking but blessed experience.

Now I can’t get all the songs out of my mind, they keep reeling off one after the other. It was an honour playing and being part of ”Born for this”.

May God bless you and your ministry and make you prosper.

[Mickey ~ Drummer]

Mikey was our stand-in, stand-in drummer. We had already booked a drummer to stand in for our regular drummer, Emily, but the plan went pear-shaped at the last minute!

With less than 24 hours notice, Mickey joined the team for the last leg of the tour and traveled with us to Poole and Plymouth. What a guy!!

It becomes more powerful…

Just wanted to say that this year’s ‘Born for This’ was a really special time for me and I loved every second of it.

Every time I do it it becomes, not less, but even more powerful for me and it was a privilege to work with all the very talented, special people that took part this year.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of it again…

[Emma ~ Narrator]

The Journey Continues

Born for This presentations come in all shapes and sizes.  Each year we hear of new groups in schools and parishes taking up the mantle to share the message of the Cross. If you want to join the adventure and you’re not sure where to begin, check out the Born for This Virtual Songbook and the Born for This Online Workshop. It’s easier that you think – and it’s worth every minute.

We’d love to hear your Born for This story in the comments below…

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