Big Sing Liturgy Thing


For many young people, their only regular experience of church is collective worship at school. Our team have designed the Big Sing Liturgy Thing as a feast of music, song, prayer, sign-language dance & liturgy.

Big Sing Liturgy Thing

The format is borne out of more than 20 years’ experience leading music and liturgy in a variety of settings, with people of all ages – especially our work in schools across the UK and beyond.

These events involve full band, two dancers, audio-visual presentation, a full lighting and  PA system with a two-man tech crew. The day’s programme normally runs from 10:30am to 2:30pm.

Big Sing Liturgy Thing - Liturgy in action

The objective is to give young people an experience of vibrant, dynamic worship. But it is more than a “jamboree” of song, and draws on our understanding and experience of the liturgical tradition and contemporary liturgical music.

“Very many thanks to all of you for the rousing celebration today. The children and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part… Thanks for the music – Y6 now have the task of teaching the rest of the school. The dance was amazing – with only that short time to rehearse. You have given the children a marvellous opportunity to experience liturgy with all the latest technology”
Sue, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary

There are TWO requirements for a Big Sing:

1. A cluster of 6 or more schools willing to bring young people to the event, and a lead school that will liaise with us in organising the event and passing information on to the other schools.

2. A suitable venue with a breakout space for the dance workshop, for eating lunch and adequate toilet facilities for those attending. (See our information sheet for guidelines on choice of venue)

“Thank you for a great day yesterday. It was obvious that a great deal of hard work had taken place before we even arrived. I know our children were very enthusiastic about it”
Head Teacher, St. Joseph’s Primary

If you’re interested in organising a Big Sing for your cluster of schools, simply contact us for more information or to book one of our allocated dates.