How Can We Keep From Scooting? [Vlog]

You might be asking yourself, “What does a scooter, a CD and a music minister have to do which each other?” Well, even if you hadn’t thought to ask that question, this video might provide the answer as well as a few laughs…

After watching these delightful hijinks, you will be happy to know that safely nestled into Jo’s garage are several copies of How Can We Keep From Singing? Vol. 1!

The long overdue How Can We Keep From Singing? Vol. 4, due for release this month, is available for advance order at a discounted price (scooter not included). If you’d like to see some more behind the scenes at CJM MUSIC, you can check out that vlog here.

If that isn’t enough singing for you, then check out the box office. Jo Boyce and the CJM MUSIC Collective may be scooting into a city near you!

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