Rescue at Sea ~ BBC Song of Praise features the inspirational Fr Michael Ho

Jo Boyce and our talented Collective of musicians and friends joined BBC Songs of Praise again this month to explore the story of Vietnamese Priest, Fr Michael Ho, local parish priest of Holy Trinity in Sutton Coldfield.

Fr Michael was one of the original boat people who fled Vietnam 35 years ago during the Vietnam War. The moving feature explored the perilous journey to freedom of him and 76 others as they floated adrift in the South China sea for 17 days without food or water.

What happened next – after those terrifying days lost at sea – is nothing less than a miracle.  It is what led young Michael Ho to follow his vocation to serve God as a Catholic Priest. What a gift to have such an inspirational and brave man as a priest in our Diocese.

As we joined with Father Michael Ho and the Songs of Praise congregation to sing Be Not Afraid the words have never felt more relevant – a hymn which rings true with Father Michael and his journey from the boat to serving the Catholic community in Sutton Coldfield.

“If you pass through raging waters
in the sea, you shall not drown…”

If you like this arrangement of the song, there’s a great studio recording of Be Not afraid on the Boyce & Stanley album, Age to Age 1 – Songs for A Pilgrim People CD. (also available on iTunes)

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